Day 4:Authorization :Unable to get what to do in 5 th step

5.Add folder-level auth: Since all of the requests in this folder require the same authorization method, let’s add a folder-level authorization helper. For each of these three requests, delete the added header, delete the params, and update the Auth type to Inherit auth from parent. The parent of this request is the folder that contains these requests. Select the folder Authorization, and add the API key auth helper under the Authorization tab like you did in the previous step. Send at least one of the requests to make sure you receive a 200 status code, and then save all of your changes.

what we are expecting in this step ,do we need to create the folder under authorization or we neec to create the folder in the main folder day4:authorization.
also what should be name of the subfolder under authorization is it -level auth or level authorization helper

In my opinion, the instructions for this days challenge are fairly straight forward.

Just a warning; When you get to later days the instructions won’t be so detailed.

There is an expectation at this point, that you know how to use Postman in general terms before attempting these challenges.

However, to answer your question, I’m just going to post the details for step 1.

Add a request: Fork the Postman API collection to your public workspace in the same way you forked today’s challenge. Then find a request to get all of your collections. Duplicate it, and drag the copy over to this folder Authorization. Rename the request All Collections - header.

The instructions tell you to copy the request to the Authorization folder.

In steps 3 and 4, you add two more requests to this folder.

Therefore, you need to add the authorization helper to the existing “Authorization” folder which should have 3 requests in.

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