Day 29 pull request declined few times

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My question: Day 29 pull request declined few times, need help.

Details (like screenshots): Hi, guys

My day 29 request was declined few times, I am not sure what I am doing wrong.
my workspace: 30 days postman_Divyesh_Patel

  1. echo: did well as per the instructions, no need to run it as I know of
  2. Create Webhook request run well, 200 test added, also setting url automatically, also varialbes are set at collection level as per my preference
  3. Trigger webhook is also running well, got a payload passed in the previous request successfully, what else I am doing wrong

please try to see the collection, and advise.

Many thanks.

How I found the problem: I submitted my PR few times, and this is 3rd time, I got rejection for day 29

I’ve already tried: seeing all posts related to day 29 but I think no one got same problem as me, reviewer @jetison jetison etison mentioned “please review the instructions carefully for Day 29. The test validations are automated, and must pass to complete the final merge.”, and such validations were not being asked in the instructions. Let’s see this time.

@jetison kindly help. Have a nice day!