Day 29 POST Create Webhook "forbiddenError"

Hi, I am trying to complete Day 29 and currently working on 2. Create a webhook When I send the call to create the webhook, I get a bad request “forbiddenError”, “You need Editor role on this collection to perform this action”:

I am using my Postman API for auth as shown in the screenshot above.

I believe I am following the documentation pretty closely and I can’t find where I have missed something. Any help appreciated.

Hi @pamelagilmour - here’s two suggestions:

  • Verify that the correct collection ID is in the request body? The ID should be for the collection that you want to run. Which can be confusing if the collection is different than where your Create Webhook request is located.
  • Verify that you have an Editor role for that collection? Go to the overflow menu (…) of the collection and “Manage roles”.

Turns out my API key had expired. I had no idea. Thanks for your help @joyce !