Day 21 versioning - cannot read property model of undefined

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My question: Getting the error cannot read property model of undefined,

Not sure what’s happening, I have created the 2 api versions as mentioned in documentation

Details (like screenshots):

Hi @rajesh97

please console the testSuite (line#21) and confirm it has model property and double check you have 2 api’s

Thanks !

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Hello Postman community!
I have watched this entire video:
and I don’t have the “add tag options” in Postman version 9.0.3.
This is the 1st time I am stuck, and I think it is because the instructions were done on a different version.
Any help will be much appreciated!

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Hi there @URY-SebaP - versioning APIs has been updated in v9. We will be updating the 30 day challenge soon. In the meantime, feel free to review the versioning concepts in Postman v9.

You will not need to pass Day 21’s tests to pass the final challenge (on Day 30) - unless, we update this module in the meantime - so you better hurry :smiley:

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Thanks @joyce for letting me know! I’ve been reading a lot lately to try to tackle this one.
I am monitoring the original collections, so if gets updated I’ll get back to it before last submission. Thanks!