Day 18 Postman 30 Days challenge - yaml link not working

Hi team i am unable to proceed further and below yaml link is also not working

  1. Import an API specification : Select the Import button, tab over to Link , and input the following URL to import the API specification into Postman. In v9, leave the checkbox filled to also generate a collection as “Documentation”. In v10, a collection is automatically generated, so make sure under Import Settings to select “Copy collections to workspace”.

Can you explain more about where you’re getting stuck? Do you not see the yaml? Is the import failing? Are you getting stuck after importing the yaml?

same issue with me .
it shows below.

any issues with link?

Yes @joyce the yaml import failing . getting error while fetching data from link .

it seems issue with desktop postman client.
on web postman client , it is getting imported.
you can check on browser postman client for importing.