Day 18: API specifications

My question:
In ‘Submit your solution’ folder of “Day18: API Specifications” of 30 Days of Postman it requires 2 things

  1. Submit collection and
  2. Submit API ID of the imported Cosmos API

I have successfully submitted the collection ID for first and it passed .
But getting ‘400 Bad Request’ Error for API ID when i am using the collection id again in API id

Where can i find this API ID?
Can someone please help.

Details (like screenshots):
Imported the Cosmos API and using this highlighted Id as API id.

Error I am getting while submitting the solution:

Hey there!

For this, you should be submitting the collection ID from the collection under your collections tab as well as the API ID from the APIs tab

It appears that you are grabbing the ID from the wrong location for the API part.

Hope this helps! :smile:


Thanks @kevin-postman , it worked !!
:slightly_smiling_face: :handshake: