Day 16: Pagination, verification last test

The last verification test does not pass. The value should be above 0, but the page variable stops at 404 after running the folder. I’m confused.

And I can’t understand what extra step is required of me in task 4.


Update: Solved this exercises in attention read submit documentation )). Needing add in submit query param with value equal your last variable value in collection after run folder. returns 404. That’s a very xkcd thing to do. :slight_smile:

You can add
if (page == 404) { page++ }
after your page++ to continue.

It will also drop your connection if you hammer the site like that. I forget how many requests before it does so. returns the current comic with “num” being the current page. If you start your page counter a little lower than this, you can run to the end of the comics.

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