Day 15 -15 days of postman for testers- How do I confirm my submission is accepted?

I’ve forked the secret environment and submitted the 15 day request. I see 200 response with retake the quiz. I already re-did the quiz. Could someone please confirm if my submission is accepted or not?


How I found the problem:

I’ve already tried:

The final step is to visit the URL in “submit_here”.

At which point you will be asked to provide your workspace details.

Thanks ,mdjones. I did click on “”, but it’s not asking me about workspace details…

@michaelderekjones When you get a chance, could you please clarify? The Submit request, response body gives an url “” to submit.

This is a Get request. Is this correct?

There is no documentation for this request. Please help.

You need to open the URL in a browser, not in Postman.

Thank you , @michaelderekjones . I’ve submitted my workspace thru browser.

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