Day 12 - Postman API Challenge

Getting an error get single collection | TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘type’)

Hi @Solo-Tester

There isn’t very much information to go off here, could you please add some screenshots of what you have treid?

Can you check above screenshots

which of the 30 days is this one?

I am trying to submit day 12 solution

POSTMAN API DAY 10 Solution submit post request

Can you help me with the solution

Day 10 or 12… or both?

Sorry for Confusion it is in Day 12 : Postman API

Sorry for Confusion it is in Day 12 : Postman API

what does your ‘get single collection’ call look like?

Need to see the response.

The problem is with the following line.


It’s telling you that type is undefined.

Without seeing the response, it’s hard to tell you what it should be.

I got a similar issue three weeks ago, but it forced me to downgrade 10.x => 9.x and then it didn’t open the collection becasue it was done on version 10… worst, didn’t offered me an option to go back to v10.
Anyway, seems to being solved some days ago, when I got the “upgrade to v10” option again.

Make sure you add your API key variable to your collection AUTH type