Day 10 | About mocking a call

i am completely out of idea that what to in this particular day. i have been stuck for this problem since days so please guide me that what is the mistake in my end by looking to the pictures added below for the reference

The first screenshot related to submitting the collection has nothing to do with your mock request per se.

You are getting a 404 not found, which means that the collection is incorrect. Are you sure this is the correct collection link, and not a folder, or request link and then you have setup the api key.

yea this collection link is of the file and not the folder neither the request link , this part has no mistake i am confident by my side the only mistake that can occur is either in mock server or the mock call and its example

One of the tests is checking that the Correct Collection Returned and as that’s failing, it suggests that you’re not selecting the correct Collection id.

Could you share the screenshot of the submit request matching the Collection id?

there was a typo in collection