Day 06 of 15 days challenge for testers

I am trying to run it as a folder but as instructed in documentation, manually run user login and copy that value to vault:token and then save it as Authorization in auth-helper. But when we run it as a folder it generates a new session_token and also we cannot update the vault:token from script as far as I’ve searched. Anyone there to help!

Hey @koushikromel

There’s an small update needed for the documentation, to allow for the current limitations of setting a vault variable using a script.

This isn’t a requirement for the days task so if you submit your solution, you should be fine.

I am assuming to pass the test for now in the first submit, I managed to pass the test. In the second submit without any context the api ID was mentioned, I can get the API section from the workspace settings but for which API they are mentioning to get the api ID.

Reading the instructions to understand what API that relates too might be beneficial here. It would certainly answer that question. :sweat_smile:

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Solved this issue just now. I just noticed I’ve exceeded the limit of free API’s and went back to my 30 days challenge and deleted all the existing API’s. Also I didn’t notice it is mentioned in the first step itself like

Ensure that you select the OpenAPI 3.0 and Postman Collection option during this step to also Import the API and not just the Collection.

I have also another doubt when submitting the 30 days challenge I was informed that by next month every challenges will not be there or it will be expired any reason or any new challenges from postman @danny-dainton ?

Yes, that’s what I am also typing to post, may I know what you mean in the first answer regarding that vault:token issue shall i move to next task even it fails or ?

If i put it as vault:token then it will be error while running it as a folder, if i use some variables to set the session_token from login using script then it will be error when submitting

The Collection will still be in those same Workspaces but the ability to claim a badge will be retired. This will happen on the 31st July.

As per the Workspace Overview:

:rotating_light: Important Announcement: Badge Submissions Ending on July 31st 2024 :rotating_light:

We want to inform you that the badge submissions for this course will be ending on July 31st 2024. After this date, badges will no longer be issued. However, the course material will continue to be available to the public.

If you are currently taking the training or planning to start, please complete and submit all badge-related requirements by July 31st 2024 to ensure you receive your badge.

More courses will be created and be made available in the Postman Academy. No timelines or dates for that are currently available.

It’s not tested in the solution, there’s nothing to check to see if you have run the Folder in the Runner. It’s checking the static data contained in the Collection.

Check the solution passes the tests in that Submit request, if they pass, that’s it.

If they fail, check the reason for the fail and fix that.

None of these very basic scenarios are designed to catch you out in any way.

This will be the last question regarding this as you have mentioned in the comment

I thought you told there is a documentation issue so even the script throws error there is no problem, I thought.

But in the comment you are mentioning these are scenarios to designed.

Just one question is that session_token and vault:token is a catch if it is I’ll try to figure it on my own without asking any questions.

What script is throwing what error? I don’t have the ability to see what you can see in front of you. You need to use visual clues for this.

The documentation needs to be update the say the running the folder in the runner won’t work, due to the vault access in the script.

That scenario will still work the way the documentation is telling you. It’s just that the runner part will not.

Take the session_token from the response and manually add that to the vault variable.

It’s honestly not a particularly complex scenario, some of the words in the documentation need to be updated but apart from that it’s straightforward.

With everything in the Workspace, all the submit request have all the tests within them in the post response section and you can see what’s being tested on which Collection.

Yes, Thanks for these replies and you patience @danny-dainton . Will try to figure it out :+1: .

It’s not about trying to figure it out, if you don’t understand something that’s completely fine but I feel like I’m just saying the same thing but it’s obviously not helping as there is still some confusion.

Running the Folder in the Collection Runner will not work. That’s the only step that won’t work for that scenario - only because you can’t programmatically set a vault variable.

If you have added all the details as per the instructions and you have submitted your solution in the submit requests - if those pass. Move onto the next Collection.

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Exactly this is what I asked you in my previous comment

Running the Folder in the Collection Runner will not work .

Thanks for mentioning it explicitly. And I didn’t mean to repeatedly ask the same thing sorry for that!

I mentioned about the limitations of setting a vault variable from a script, in my first reply.

I obviously wasn’t providing clear instructions so there’s something that I can work on there.

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