Day 02: Collections and Environments (30 Days Challenge)

My submission passes (4/5) tests.

To my understanding, the 5th test checks if my http request’s verb is GET, which is the case if you refer to the below screenshot :

Do you have any idea?

Hey @saad-samba :wave:

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Can you also share the image that includes the Collection sidebar view, with the requests you have added as part of this challenge?

The request that you have in the image, isn’t the request that it’s checking. It’s check the details of the request that you have added as part of that task.

Hello @danny-dainton :raised_hand:

Thank you for your fast reply.

Here’s a wider screenshot :

Let me know if it’s better.

You have a POST request saved that should be a GET request. :sweat:

That’s what the assertion error is also telling you.

It looks like you haven’t saved your request, this is important as the Postman API wouldn’t see those unsaved changes.

This Autosave option in the settings, could help here:

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Oh, sheesh. :speak_no_evil:
I thought the 5th test was only for the current request that triggered it.

I should have known that it was reading the information about the previous requests through the API and comparing them.

Thank you Danny!

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No worries, it’s what we’re here for :trophy:

Each task will have a submit request, which is checking the various different actions that you have done, as per the documentation.

The Tests tab in that request will also give you an indication about what’s actually being checked.

A while back, @jetison created a longer form video walking through how to Review Test Results.


Really awesome and helpful video.
Thanks again! :raised_hands:

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