Data-driven testing | Saving value to the data csv file and passing saved value to the next call

How to save the token from “Authorization” API call to the token column in the data file so that I can pass it to the next (searchcase) API call for use?


How I found the problem:

I am trying to use data driven testing where the subsequent requests need input from previous requests.

I’ve already tried:

I have tried to use just postman to run them. Runs fine with environment variables but when I provide the data file it fails as I don’t know how to save the the value back to the data file for the next call.

I’m using newman to run this:

npx newman run '.\postman_collection.json' -d '.\Data02172022.csv' --delay-request 5000 --reporters=cli,htmlextra

Error is attached.

I tried to use the environment variable file and data file together in newman but couldn’t figure it out.