Create requests and collections from production/development API access data (requests and responses)

We at Postman always want to make it easier for you to develop, analyze and test your APIs. That means making it easier for you to create requests & collections inside Postman.

Idea we are exploring:
You can plugin your API access data in Postman. This can to used analyze your API service and also create Postman collections directly from it. By access data I mean API access logs from API Gateway, or web server like NGINX/Apache or from an application like express.

Use cases:

  • This will make it easier to import requests/collections into Postman.
  • Users can view and analyze prod / staging / beta requests & responses for their service, thus uncovering use cases that might not be strike up during development. This can greatly help in developing your APIs.
  • User would not need to dig through logs to find requests & responses for their API

Note: This is not from a live production monitoring use case but from an aid in development use case.

Would love to get comments around the workflow who find the workflow easier.
Please do let us know if you have some comments or requests around thus.