Completed the skill checker as well as passed all the test results but got a mail that submission is incomplete

I did pass the skill checker as well as all the test results and submitted the collection link a week ago but got a mail yesterday that my submission was incomplete. I’m attaching my collection link as well as the appropriate screenshots below. Any help will be appreciated.

Collection link:

Thank you

Did You Received Your Badge?

If Not I Think You Can Again Resubmit Your Link Or Contact Postman.

There can be a chance of you have not clicked on the update link button, after saving all your requests.
Every time one makes changes in a collection, they have to go to share collection > Get Public Link > Update Link, from where your public URL will get a refresh with your latest data.

No, I haven’t got the badge yet!

This might be the reason most prolly :woozy_face:
Let me update the link and submit it again.
Does this mean I’ve to wait for another 10days? :weary:

Let’s see what happens. I think you haven’t updated the link so that is why u got this issue. I think now you will get your badge.

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Let’s hope so :innocent:
Btw the Postman Training was fun dude…It was also a unique training
Like, sending requests to know what to do next, Absolute postman way :joy:
Totally enjoyed it :rocket:

Yea, exactly right felt like we are postman​:joy::joy::+1:

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