Collection Format: Interactive mind map

The collection format is the specification behind Postman collections. It is a portable format that lets you define every aspect of your API requests and workflow in a human and machine-readable way. It has aided most of the widely used features on Postman, which include but are not limited to automated/manual testing, mocking, monitoring and scheduled runs, end-end testing, documentation, etc.

This project will be part of ongoing work to create an increasing amount of learning resources around the format. This project aims at creating an interactive mindmap that is a replica of this one on Whimiscal. The Mind map is intended to get anyone learning about the collection format to do so in an interactive and visual manner. It is meant to help show the different units of a collection, how they are structured together and how each unit can be nested within each other. It is inspired by the OpenAPI mindmap developed by Arnaud Lauret, the API Governance Lead at Postman.

Skills: HTML & CSS, JavaScript, d3 js

Mentors: @Gbahdeyboh, Aanchal Mishra, Yashish Dua

Project Repo: tbd

Size of Project: 175

We’ll like to have an office hours session this Friday by 16:00 WAT, 7:00 PST, 20:30 IST, 16:00 CET, and 12:00 BRT.

You can join using this link Launch Meeting - Zoom

In the meantime, we just released a new documentation for the collection format. If learning about the format interests you, you can learn more about it using this link - Learning Center | Postman Collection Format

Hey, I am interested in this project. Is it possible that I get to work along side with the person whose proposal gets selected? I am not trying to participate in GSOC as I am working, and the deadline has also passed. Please let me know about this @gbadebo-bello