Codeless Conference 2022 by QA Talks Community (QAT) - Just let if "Flow"

Dear Peeps,

I am excited to say that I am back with conference talks for 2022. To start off with, I will speaking at “Codeless Conf” next week 2022-04-08T16:00:00Z2022-04-09T16:00:00Z

It’s a free event, register here.


What to expect?

  1. Traditional API Automation approach

  2. All about “Flows” ( What, How and When to use flows?)

             * What is a Flow?
             * How to access “Flows”?
             * What is a Block?
             * Anatomy of a “Block”
             * Types of Blocks
             * Let it “Flow”
             * When to use “Flows”?
  3. Demo

  4. What next? (Future plans in pipeline)

  5. Q&A

Seems interesting! Please do join me on April 10th.
Check the sneak-peek here.


Hi @bpricilla
I’ve been interested to see more about “flows”.
Will this be a recorded session?

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Hello @w4dd325, Yes it will recorded :wink:


please do join and I am exited to join with @bpricilla as a host for the session


I’m excited to watch this!!

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@kevin-postman Please do join Kevin :partying_face: We would love to have you!

I am actually exploring and learning lot of stuffs in “Flows” :star_struck:

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Hello everyone, in case if you missed the talk, please watch the recording here.

Slides are uploaded here.

Kindly share your feedback and comments!! I would love to hear it :star_struck:


Great job @bpricilla !!! Congrats on your conference talk

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That was a great talk @bpricilla ! Really liked the flow (see what I did there?) of it, introducing concepts, reasons why you might want to use Postman Flows etc before jumping into it, then starting with a very simple use case and moving on to the 30 days of Postman to show how you can re-create existing workflows in Postman using Postman Flows. Amazing! :clap:

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@pooja-mistry @arlemi Thank you so much :star_struck: It means a lot!!

Only when I understand the topic better I can explain it better, so anything and everything I always make up my own story to understand about that tool or technology :blush:

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