Chaining request

How to use chaining request for application already exists for create application. I create an application by passing variable “owner” and “name”. Now how do I chain the same request and make it fail since the application already exists

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There seems to be a lot of context missing from your question - The flow and how to achieve that chaining or requests seems straightforward enough but without more details or examples, it’s going to be difficult for anyone to give you a tailored response to the question.

Could you take a look through this guide and edit your question, please.

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Hi Danny,

Thanks for the response. This is my question. This is a graphql query where I can query all applications with a response as follows


"data": {

    "allApplications": [


            "appId": "61",

            "owner": "Anthony Principato",

            "name": "Halo CHIP",

            "status": "Pending",

            "applicationInfo": "{\"motsId\":\"30904\",\"primContFname\":\"Anthony\",\"primContLname\":\"Principato\",\"primContEmail\":\"\",\"secContFname\":\"test\",\"secContLname\":\"google\",\"secContEmail\":\"\",\"desc\":\"Halo CHIP Application\",\"usrTypes\":[\"consumer\"],\"usrEnvs\":[\"intranet\",\"cloud\"],\"traffAvgTransPerSec\":\"0-10\",\"traffPeakTransPerSec\":\"101-500\",\"traffPeakVolRatnl\":\"test email\",\"traffEvntsAffctPeak\":\"HBO\",\"traffStrmVidAud\":\"yes\"}",

            "requestDate": "2020-12-01T21:47:55.626+00:00",

            "requestBy": "Anthony Principato",

            "approvalDate": "2020-12-01T21:47:55.626+00:00",

            "approvedBy": null


Now using the appid from the response I want to create a chain request for update application and delete application. I am new to doing chain request and any help is appreciated