Cant open more than 2 tabs at once in Postman

Postman will only let me have a maximum of 2 tabs open at once. When I attempt to open a 3rd tab it wont do it , it just replaces the 2nd tab . Any ideas how to fix this ? Is it a setting?

This is using the web client?

Have you tried a different browser, to rule out a browser issue?

I’m using Edge, and have been able to open half a dozen tabs, so its doesn’t seem to be Postman that is limiting this. What browser are you using? (Although as far as I can tell, you need extensions to limit the number of tabs).

How are you opening the tabs, right click and open in new tab, or just opening a new tab and then going to (Although both seem to work for me).

Hi @shaun321 !

If you open a tab without making any changes it will be considered as a preview, and it’ll be replaced when you open something else. If you want to go around that, you can double-click the tab name and it’ll stay there.

Here’s a gif showing the difference between when you do not double-click, and when you do: