Cannot read property 'item' of undefined - 30 days challenge

Dear all,
While I am trying to submit my collection for Day 02 and Day 03, I have the following error in my response " You are not permitted to perform the action".

Tests are falling

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘item’ of undefined
It is the same error on day 03.

Day 02 Collection Link :
Response Day 02

Hi @malkico60,
I moved this topic to the Training category. For any questions regarding the badge challenges, we can use the Training category. The Events is for posting event-related topics specifically.

Dear @meenakshi.dhanani ,
I think the issue can be closed. I found the solution by my own. I remove the collections from my workspace . I forked them again and proceeded to each steps in the documentation. Now , all tests are passed.

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