Can we user grpc server url withouet Port Number would Postman recogniz

Can we user grpc server url without Port Number in the grpc request , would Postman recognize?
Our Dev team provided grpc server without Port number and Postman says 14 Service Un Available

But Dev team is using Kreya and it is working .

is there a way to Use grpc server without Port to be used in Postman

@kadayalan Yes, it does.

  • Is it working when the port is specified explicitly?
  • What’s the port number?
  • Is it a TLS/secure server?

Dev said it is an Individual server for this service so no port is assigned, since it is the only service using this cloud server also the DevOps informed they have disabled the TLS .

The endpoint is something similar to with https.

does that make any difference

Thank you In Advance