Can someone tell me how to type this?

Below is the API guide that I was sent. I have a userId and a secretKey. I was putting the transactionId and secretKey in a SHA-512 hash generator (together, right next to eachother, no spaces) to create the requestToken. I was using the Exmaple URL exactly, except with my userId, transactionId, and requestToken.

(Please Note: Parameters and the Web URI except for the domain name are case sensitive)

API access Token Request
Any request from the website will require a token. Tokens generated will be automatically
expire after a certain duration, say 24 hours. To generate a token web will make request using
userId, transactionId and a SHA-512 hash of transactionId plus a secret key.


Input Parameters
userId (required)
transactionId (required)
requestToken (required)
userId = {will be provided}
transactionId = any number that you generate, can be date and time for example
20140421120101. Next transactionId must be higher than the previous one
requestToken = SHA-512 hash of transactionId + secretKey


“sample” in the URL is just a sample website, because I didn’t want to use the real domain name; I don’t know if that would be a privacy risk using the real domain name.