Can Mock server support 2 way SSL certification?

Can Mock server support 2 way SSL certification?
When a client sends request to this mock server

server will sends it certificate to client
then client verifies the server certificate
then client sends its own certificate to the server for the 2 way certficiation <-- Is this able to setup?

The mock server is just an HTTPS server. It will work as any other API that goes over a secure connection.

Hi vdespa, thanks for your reply. Do you mean it is supported? Currently, i found a link about adding the certificate to postman but the example is when postman is the client and trying to send request to https server.

I tried to setup certificate and use postman as a mock server instead, there seems to be no client certification requested from the postman mock server. Do you know if it is a configuration problem or the mock server is not able to request and validate client certificate?