Can I get more details about Idea 6: Open API Postman Public Workspace?

Hello Everyone,
I have gone through the idealist GSOC 2021 but there is very little information regarding idea 6.
Can anyone give more details about Idea 6: Open API Postman Public Workspace?

I am really interested in contributing to Postman Open API Public Workspaces.
Thank You.

Hey @thefierycoder ,
Thank you expressing interest in contributing to public workspaces. Added more details about the idea here. In short, the idea is about building utilities for managing OpenAPI specifications. For instance, the OpenAPI workspace has a list of outstanding tasks that are common tasks needed to managed APIs defined using OpenAPI.

We’ve updated the notes on the ideas under OpenAPI so feel free to check them out as well :grinning:

Hello @meenakshi.dhanani :wave:
Thanks for the update🙏

I checked the list of outstanding tasks. One thing I want to know If I want to make some changes to the schema of the API(Petstore). How should I do that?

Note: I tried to complete this task Move Summary to Description: Summary should be the description, then generate summary but whenever I make changes to the schema of the API, it doesn’t allow me to save changes.(Maybe It is a permission issue)
I have already created a fork of all the collections.

Apart from this, you can also have a look at my Public workspaces that I created during Postman API Hackathon 2021.

1. Twitter Bot
2. Smart Sharer
3. Webhook Generate

Looking forward to contribute to Postman Public Workspace.
Thank You

The answer to why you are unable to make changes to the API schema - Is it possible to fork API from Public Workspace? - #2 by meenakshi.dhanani

Thank you for sharing your public workspaces with us :grinning:! Love the enthusiasm