Batch Edit Authorization Type

I just imported my OAS 2.0 spec to Postman and it created a collection. All of the requests have an authorization type of “No Auth”. I’d like to change them all to “Bearer Token” without editing every request.

Hey @joshua,

Have you tried adding the Authorization at the Collection level?

Yeah, but all of them are currently set to No Auth which is the default. I wish the default was inherit from parent.

If you set the Authorization at the Collection level to be Bearer Token and handle the Auth from there, the requests should pick that up.

Do you give it a go?

I did that. When I imported the OAS file it set all of them to No Auth. That’s the default according to the documentation. I changed the collection to Bearer Token. Did not change all of the requests to Inherit from parent or Bearer Token.

You can export the collection, the exported collection is a JSON format.

Then you can open the exported collection.json file in an IDE (for eg. VSCode), and you’ll see that each request has a property called auth.


Just find all (VSCode lets you do a multiline find and replace) and delete the entire auth object, and then import the collection back into Postman, now all the requests will be inheriting from the parent (i.e collection in this case)