Automate Downloading of PDF Response

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I’m looking to automate a file download. In my case, I have a collection that is made of 4 calls (get auth token, search for document, get document url, view document). When running the collection in Postman, everything works correctly and I am able to view the document. I am also able to download the document using the Send and Download option or the Save Response to File option. However, I am interested in having the document automatically download to my local file store. Is this possible either directly in Postman or using Newman?

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Did you search the forum, this question has been posed, many times. The following is the first one that returned when searching.

Short answer, Postman does not support access to the local file system in this way.

However, you can do this in Newman, but you need to know a bit of node.js.

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As @michaelderekjones mentioned there are already a few solutions mentioned in the forum, the best way is probably to fork and follow the instructions in this collection: Postman