AsyncAPI: Automate listing of members of technical steering committee

Our open governance model introduces a TSC that consists of all the CODEOWNERS that want to use their right to have a vote in TSC decisions making process.

We need a bot/github action that will read VOTERS files from all repos, maintain single list, and put it on the website

get a github action that reacts on any push to master and checkes if voters file was edited. Then reads it and add/remove/modify a voter in the list stored on the website
get a github action that on a PR level validates modification in VOTERS file and blocks PR in case VOTERS cannot be added to TSC list as they are affiliated with the company that already reached the limit of representation
decide on structure of VOTERS file
get a mechanism that collects more details about TSC members (social accounts, hire availability, etc)

Learn more here asyncapi/.github#47


Project Repo:

Expected Difficulty:

Expected Time Commitment:
175 Hour