AsyncAPI: Add "Autofix" feature for common linting errors (w/ spectral)

AsyncAPI-Preview + Spectral for VSCode form a perfect combo in terms of UX/DX for asyncapi editing:

with this extension, you can navigate and preview your API definition
while Spectral for VSCode provides inline and listed linting error for common and even custom mistakes
VSCode comes with an API for providing quick/autofixes for linting errors (see Refactoring source code in Visual Studio Code VS Code API | Visual Studio Code Extension API and vscode-extension-samples/code-actions-sample at main · microsoft/vscode-extension-samples · GitHub for an example)

The purpose of this feature is to provide auto-fix refactoring for the most common and standard spectral linting errors for asyncapi:

Learn more here asyncapi/vs-asyncapi-preview#160


Project Repo:

Expected Difficulty:

Expected Time Commitment:
175 Hour