Apidays Dubai & Middle East 2022 (Online) - June 29-30th

Hey all! As part of an ongoing sponsorship with apidays, Postman will be speaking at apidays Dubai & Middle East 2022 online on June 29-30th!

Apidays Dubai & Middle East 2022 brings together local and international experts to share how Open Banking and API led Digital Transformation are transforming businesses across industries while heralding a new era of economic prosperity.

Postman Senior Developer Advocate, @iandouglas will be not only speaking but also holding a workshop where we build mock servers for RESTful and GraphQL APIs in this free to attend online event. The world runs on APIs but there aren’t enough developers to build and link these APIs together. This talk will explore tooling ideas and workflows to improve team collaboration, with the focus on bringing non-developers and their perspectives into the process. Let’s get everyone on the team involved in making better software. Join this session to get involved with improving your team’s output with no-code / low-code.