Apidays Australia - Oct 11-12th

Dive into the world of APIs at apidays Australia!

Postman senior enterprise solutions architect, @jordanwalsh takes the stage to talk about the Postman 2023 State of the API Report and share key findings & trends as APIs become increasingly important in the modern world.

Also, don’t miss their workshop on Postbot:

Using Postbot for AI-Powered API Testing by Jordan Walsh
Postbot, an AI-fueled tool from Postman, revolutionizes the API testing landscape. Dive in as Jordan unveils how to harness its capabilities: from generating tailored test cases, automating test execution, to visualizing intricate data sets. Understand the transformative advantages of Postbot in API testing, spotlighting its efficiency in time-saving and work quality enhancement.

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:movie_camera: Missed our session at apidays Australia? No worries! We’ve got a replay of @jordanwalsh’s insights from the Postman 2023 State of the API Report. Dive into the trends shaping our digital landscape.

Plus, a quick snapshot of our hands-on workshop:

Using Postbot for AI-Powered API Testing
Catch up with the demo led by Jordan Walsh, introducing the groundbreaking AI capabilities of Postbot - a leap forward in automating and enhancing API tests.

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