API testing course for beginners

Hi, Postman community!
Last year I created a course for beginners in API testing and want to share it with you!
It is aimed at manual testers without knowledge of JavaScript. And the main goal of the course is to show how using of Postman variables, simple scripts and features can make your work many times easier
The course consists of four parts:

  1. Short videos on Client-Server architecture: What is the REST API? What is HTTP request? What is HTTP response? And more and more theoretical videos
  2. Manual testing of CRUD endpoints
  3. Automation testing of the CRUD endpoints
  4. Automation Solutions for functional API testing

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For those who donโ€™t want to register on Udemy I created simplified version of the course available on the Youtube

I will be very grateful for feedbacks, constructive criticism and not constructive criticism)))
I will accept any, it will help improve the course and hopefully will help people


Hey @MarkoSorokopud :wave:

This is very cool! Are we allowed to share the link to other communities? Iโ€™m sure some of our supernovas or student expert could be interested.

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Hi Arlemi, yes, sure, you can share the link)