API Testing and Automation Training Workshop

Hi Just attended
API Testing and Automation Training Workshop.

When I run all tests individually they pass but when I run 5. complete training it says

“Assignment 4: Check for true value - not completed”

Although my assignment 4 has passed when I ran it.

Any ideas ?

Hi @kinchit!

If you take a look at the assignment it actually has a few components:

For your final assignment, test that the response includes confirmation of the order success–in the created and orderId properties (one should be true, and the other should be a number).

So your code needs to check that the created property is true and that the orderId is a number.

Thanks @suesmith

I checked all that but I think I was not checking for response 200 in 4. Get Order.
I did that but then didn’t update my public url while sending.
Once I did that it showed completed true.

Thank You.

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Brilliant! Well done… :trophy:

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