[API First Training] - Couldn’t add monitor to the API

I was trying to complete Step 6 from the Customer API doc in Postman API First Training. However, I cannot add a monitor to the API. It shows an error “Couldn’t add monitor to the API” with msg=“User plan does not allow distribution”. See below image for the error.

However, I was able to add an monitor and run it in the workspace scope outside the Customer API scope.

Please help me cause I have already submitted my workspace for review. I’m worried if the monitor in the workspace scope does not pass the requirement to get the badge…

I got the same error, can not create Monitor.
Is it the reason for using the free plan?

Hi @suesmith, would you mind to help us with this? It makes no sense if we have to use a paid plan to complete our API First Training…

This is a bug. It’s been reported, and should be out shortly.

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