Any chance of a PWA Coming?

Hello dev team!

A couple of days ago I re-read the blog post which talked about Chrome’s deprecation of Chrome Apps, and I left a comment asking about whether or not a PWA has/had been considered. I’m guessing that at the time, it had not been considered, but given how far PWAs have come in those last 5 years, I’d be interested to get the team’s opinion, and if hesistant, what concerns or obstacles there are. I noticed that none of the comments on that post had any engagement, but somehow my comment (2 days old) had racked up 16 likes…so presumably there is some community interest.

Looking forward to hearing back, thanks!

Hey @jarryd999 , welcome here! :wave:

Have you given Postman for the web a try? It now comes with a cloud agent that allows you to send requests directly from the browser too.

Feel free to leave any feedback in the post I’ve linked if you have any!