Agile Testing Days Europe, Nov 13-16th, 2023

Step into the world of advanced API testing with Postman at Agile Testing Days Europe. Johannes Nicolai, Postman strategic solutions engineer, showcases Postman’s top-tier testing templates. Engage with live demonstrations focusing on API performance, snapshot, and integration tests. Witness the innovation as Postman utilizes Postbot to auto-generate test cases, setting a new standard in API testing.

:hammer_and_wrench:Mastering API Tests with Postman’s Tools and Templates
Johannes Nicolai, Strategic Solutions Engineer, Postman
Postman empowers countless developers and testers to harness the potential of APIs. Beyond the vast number of APIs available for exploration, we offer invaluable collection templates, encapsulating the best practices from various sectors. This session will spotlight these templates, including hands-on examples of performance, snapshot, and integration tests. The finale? A demonstration of how Postbot effortlessly crafts test cases based on your API’s responses.

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