Add custom comment to POSTMAN menus?

Is there a way to add a custom command to POSTMAN? For example could I add a “my special import/export process” command to collections?

Hi @papadeltasierra

Not 100% sure I follow what you are asking for, but this may be of interest to you;

It allows you to add custom code at the collection level which can be called inside your pre-req and test scripts.

Thanks, I am aware of these but what I want is some way to customize the “import/export a collection” menus of the app itself. I’m using some collections that have request bodies with “stringified JSON inside JSON” which is really nasty to try and understand and I’d like to have a custom export which could split out these sections into separate file of “de-stringified JSON”. I can do this using Python post-processing but if there were a way to do this directly from a POSTMAN menu, that would be much nicer.

I don’t think there is a way to do this inside Postman, but the collection is exported as JSON and has a set structure so you could probably write a little node app that strips out the bits you want.

Thanks - that was what I mean by post-processing but it would have been nicer it I could have hooked into POSTMAN directly :-).