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API Adoption workshop…followed instructions for Test Collection but get the following error on Send

Cloud Agent Error: Couldn’t resolve host. Make sure the domain is publicly accessible or select a different agent.

Use Postman’s Desktop Agent

but cannot load and use the Desktop Agent

Hi @jfsorrell could you share the collection link you’re using as the request address? You could also check that it loads by opening it in a browser tab.



it opened in a separate browser

So this is the workspace link - you want to put that in the Test Collection Headers in the workspace field.

For the Test collection request address you need the collection link which you get by selecting the API Adoption collection > Share > Get public link (this needs updated each time you make a change to the collection). Hope that helps!


Correct. When i paste the updated public link into the url I get a Could Not Send Request error


Yep so if you try opening that link in the browser it also doesn’t load a collection so it must be the wrong link - can you try going back through the flow:

  • Select the API Adoption collection on the left
  • Click Share
  • Click Get public link
  • Either generate or update your link and copy it

I have regenerated the link 3 different times and keep getting the same message

Could you share a screengrab of where you’re getting the link?


The url in the image is different from the one you posted above, can you make sure you’re copying the url from that modal?

i deleted the first url and regenerated the above…still have same issue

Can you share the new url here please?


Are you using this as the request address now? It loads in Postman for me using the Cloud Agent.

saw your answer to my colleague @laurie.clark and removed my curly braces and was able to submit! thanks for your patience with me

Great! I will have a think about how we could remove this friction point… :sweat_smile:

maybe…in the instructions say copy the link in place of the variable on the request :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes or I could just remove the variable and put the info somewhere else :upside_down_face:

I just registered for the student program and the link provided in the first section of the email is not working. Any help for me?