A New GSOC project Idea

I actually thought of a feature which can turn out to be quite useful and can reduce unnecessary formalities in the current alternative.
I want to work on it as an gsoc project, So how should I start?? And from whom Should i take the validation about the proposal?


@gopalgupta8216 Thanks for writing in and I have received your idea document and responded there.

Meanwhile, It’s my suggestion that you share link to the document with open comment access here, so that others can view and share their inputs too.


Hi Gopal
I liked the idea of creating unique aliases for different request credentials. Can you please elaborate on it?
Right now, we have environment variables that do something similar. You can set an environment variable to any value ( say a credential you want to use across requests). Then use it in various requests.
Are you proposing an extension to the “environment variable” feature

Ok I got the point, firstly I thought of environmental variables as an key/value pair only, didn’t realise the fact that we can use them as an alias for a single request as well, Thanks for your time…