6.7.0 - Merging and Forking in Postman - Initial Feedback

Just updated to 6.7.0 on Windows and I’m loving the fact that Merging/Forking is now finally a thing in Postman :slight_smile: I’ve wanted this for years!

I found it really easy to use and it worked for me as expected.

The one thing I didn’t like, was having to handle the merge in a different application (In this case, my web browser)

Is there any specific permission around merging? I would hope if I was the person that created a collection on the Shared Workspace that I would be the one that ‘approves’ the change (or anyone that the creator gives this specific access to)

I’ve yet to use it properly in my workplace as the other QA tester has a Mac and hasn’t received the update yet - So I’ll keep you up to date.

My Fork, where I’ve added “Charmander” to the shared collection but haven’t affected the shared collection yet.

Approving the merge and choosing to delete the fork created in my local workspace.

Yay! The shared collection has now been updated with the new request for the whole team :+1:


Thank you @pfarrell! Role based access control is coming soon to Postman. You will be able to define roles that will help you control who can approve merges.

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