30 days of Postman - Passed all test but failed to claim a badge

Hi all! :wave:
I already finished my challenge and hit claim the badge. But the reply email told me that my Day 1 and Day 21 tests are not correct. However, after reviewing these 2, the test results were all passed. Anyone could help?

The reply email:

My test results for Day 1 and Day 21

Iโ€™ve tried 2 times of submitting but the automatic responses were all those 2 tests. I truly want to earn the badge for my career path. Thank you for your checking in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @joyce ,
I hope you could help me with this problem. I truly want to know the reason why I could not get not earn the badge though I did all the test successfully. Here is my Workspace and you could fork the Day 1 and Day 21 for further checking. Thank you! I look forward to your reply soon ^^

Hi @rivierevo - the local tests are to keep you on the right track. The final validation is automated too.

I recommend reviewing the instructions carefully for each failing Day, according to the feedback you received in the email. For example, if you rename or misspell folder names and request names, when the instructions didnโ€™t say to do that, automations may fail.

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Thanks @joyce for your help. I made some naughty moves with file name, which leads to the error in submission. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks for reminding me of this fault. I truly appreciate it.