30 Days of Postman: Day 26 - stuck on Google cookie consent screen

Hi all,

I’m on Day 26 of the 30 Days of Postman challenge (don’t do the math) but I’ve hit a pretty fundamental problem. As requested, I’m doing a simple GET https://www.google.com/search?q=postman but the response doesn’t contain any search results - it’s giving me the Google cookie consent screen:

What’s the recommended way for proceeding past this? I’m looking mostly at @joyce and @zach as people who I know have completed this successfully. I’m wondering if maybe it’s just the nightmare EU cookie directive laws, maybe other locales aren’t seeing this screen… I’m pretty stuck on proceeding, as the “Submit your solution” tests are clearly expecting some very Googly output.

Here’s the steps that I did to workaround this, so that I could complete the exercise without having to break anything:

  • I created a Postman mock server for the Day 26 collection
  • I ran the requested search in a browser, grabbed the search response, and saved it as an example for my google request
  • I set my request URL to https://MY-MOCKSERVER-GUID.mock.pstmn.io/search?q=postman&garbageToPassTest=https://www.google.com/search?q= (the last part was essential because one of the “Submit your solution” tests is checking for the presence of the Google search string in your URL)

With just those additions, I was able to complete the exercise without any further worries.

:hushed: glad you got it working @neilstudd ! i was going to suggest adding your cookies manually or syncing them from the browser with Interceptor, but this works!

and that’s a creative way to pass the test :+1: i saw someone change a test to make it pass :rofl: