30 days of Postman - Day 19

Hello to everyone!
Problem to run query on https://spotify-graphql-server.herokuapp.com/graphql. It repsonse status - 503

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	<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
	<meta charset="utf-8">
	<title>Application Error</title>
	<style media="screen">
		iframe {
			margin: 0;
			padding: 0;

		body {
			height: 100%;
			overflow: hidden;

		iframe {
			width: 100%;
			height: 100%;
			border: 0;

	<iframe src="//www.herokucdn.com/error-pages/application-error.html"></iframe>


Hey @wirtaw,

Seems like a problem with herokuapp, I had sent this POST request a few days back and it was working well, but now we are getting this error. So, just wait for some official response.

Hey @wirtaw :wave:

Update: It seems to be working now, kindly test your request as well.

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I have the same issue: 503 Service Unavailable
What can I do?

Hi All, I am getting the same problem and this is the last thing to get my badge.

I have rebuilt, doubled checked and watched the video. Still 503.

Oh, and I have tried on multiple days at different times to rule out server maintenance…

Did anyone manage to find a solution to this? Still getting a 503 when posting this request.

Swapped out the server with a new one. Please pull changes from the collection for the latest instructions. Thanks for your patience :dove:

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@joyce I have pulled the latest changes for Day 19 but am still getting the 503 Service Unavailable when submitting a Post request for URL https://spotify-graphql-server.herokuapp.com/graphql. If you replace the URL with this one https://joyce-spotify-graphql.herokuapp.com/graphql I get a valid response and 200 OK but my last test fails as its expecting URL https://spotify-graphql-server.herokuapp.com/graphql. Any ideas?

query getByArtist($name: String!) {

queryArtists (byName: $name) {



 albums {





With GraphQL Variables

“name”: “Bruno Mars”


Test that fails :
pm.expect(request.request.url.raw, ‘check url’).equals(“https://spotify-graphql-server.herokuapp.com/graphql”)

Hi @bleazier - it sounds like you have not pulled updates from the Day 19 parent collection. Once you do that, your collection will look like the parent collection, so the instructions will refer to the new URL and the test will assert that you have the new URL. Then, go through the challenge, and save your updates once your tests are passing locally.

If pulling updates becomes too confusing, you can instead re-fork the parent collection and start fresh.