30 days of postman, badge submission - 2 monitors

I’m trying to submit 30 days of postman, and it says there should be at least 2 monitors (days 11 and 18).

On day 18, I passed all tests, and I don’t see anything in the steps that relates to a monitor.

Am I missing something?

I think you added the tests correctly but you forget to add a monitor over the test . Please read the API Documentation carefully and take the necessary steps.

Ahh, I have the Water Plan Monitor, but I don’t have the echo webhook Monitor. Am I supposed to create a Monitor for Day 29? It mentions that the webhook functions like a monitor run, but there is nothing in the instructions that tells you to create a Monitor. Am I missing something on Day 29 that leads to creation of a monitor?

Sounds like you are almost there!

Yes you are correct, monitors are basically webhooks under the hood.
For day 29, you’ll have to run the “Create Webhook” request you duplicate in the 2nd step,

Create a webhook : If you haven’t already, fork the parent collection for the Postman API into your own workspace. Find a request to Create Webhook and duplicate it over as the second request in the folder Webhooks.

Be sure to toggle the workspace query parameter on so that the monitor is created in the correct workspace. You should see the new “echo webhook” monitor under the monitors tab after running the request. The URL in the response is what is then used in your Trigger Webhook request.

Hope this helps!

ahhh, it was going to the monitor on my private workspace. I unchecked the blank workspace param & checked the box for workspace which has an environment variable for the workspace I am in (the public workspace used for my training). It works now (running Create Webhook creates the monitor entry now)! Thank you

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