2020 Postman Galaxy tour - coming to a city near you


Can anybody please confirm that the Galaxy Tour in Berlin, Germany, scheduled for March 5th will take place?

Yes, I can confirm that it’s still going ahead and I will see you over there for lots of Postman learning :rocket: :heart: :de:

Hi @joyce - Ik the Paris event (March 18th) was postponed b/c of coronavirus concerns - any word on when it might be rescheduled? Looking forward to it, thanks!

Unfortunately, it’s too soon to tell. As you can imagine, a number of events are currently in a state of limbo as the health situation is quite volatile.

The Postman Galaxy tour page will have the latest info, and you might want to sign up for email notifications at the bottom of that page if you haven’t already.

We hope to reschedule these events as soon as possible, and we will keep you informed. In the meantime, you can always check the latest cities and dates by bookmarking this page.

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