15days Challenge for tester - Submitting for badge Fails because of the Day4


I’ve successfully done the 15days Challenge for testers.

Now I’m trying to submit my results to get the badge.

I received the message, that I need to check Day4, although tests are passing on my end.

Could you, please, take a look, what can be the problem?

WorkspaceId - 4297d97c-2751-46c1-824d-6c7500b3916b.

Thank you,

Hey there @natalliakhonskaya94 !

Looks like you’ve edited the tests so they would pass locally:

The problem is that we’re also checking from our end, and these tests can’t be edited, so they’ll keep on failing. I’d recommend reverting the test as it was before and check how to fix the issue instead. Once you’ve fixed it you should be able to re-submit and get your badge! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much, it works!

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