15 Days - tester - Postman - challenge - Day 15 - Doubts

Hello community,

I have a doubt in day 15 challenge.

Question - Find the secret environment. Select it as the active environment, and Send this request for more instructions.

Doubt 1: Find secret environment - it is the line where i am stuck at :frowning:

What I did to tackle that was to create a environment named as secret - created variable url - type as secret but not sure what to pass as the current variable.

can anyone help me to understand that please.

Hi @harika6799

The “secret environment” already exists, you don’t need to create one.
(Maybe check the original workspace you forked).

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in the same workspace you can find the environment variable called secret you can use that to submit your collection


That is an environment called “secret” which may contain variables.

In itself, its not an environment variable.

thanks for correcting @mdjones much appreciated