15 Days - for Testers badge failed-Check Day 4 Check Day 6

Hello, I have completed all the tasks, but I am getting this e-mail. I couldn’t fix it even though I completed Day 4 and Day 6 again. I couldn’t find out exactly what my mistake was. Can you help me?


Your submission for the Postman badge (15 Days - for Testers ) failed one or more tests.

Please investigate and fix the issues listed below, then save your changes.

Ensure that you run the solution check to verify your changes and then submit again, in order to get your badge.

Check Day 4

Check Day 6

Your submissions are checked against a main Collection to ensure a consistent result, any changes to the tests in your forked Collection could result in test failures.

If you’re still facing issues, please reach out to us on the Postman Community Forum, under the Training category. Please remember to share the full Public Workspace URL which will help debug issues and get you unblocked quicker.

Best regards,

Postman Developer Relations Team

**Workspace ID:297b5021-532a-4f88-a042-91d00b606bf2

From looking at your Workspace, I can see that you have changed the test that checks the submission. The automation runs of a different set of tests and that will be the reason that Day 06 is failing.

Check the documentation and place the correct details into those fields, revert the test changes and check the solution again.

You have done the same on the Day 04 solution, read the documentation, fix the places where it’s telling you to add the vault variables and revert the test changes that you have made in the solution requests.

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Thank you @danny-dainton . :100: :love_you_gesture:
I made the arrangements you told me and I got my badge. :grinning:

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