15 days challenge submission error

While submitting for badge I got errors from Day 4 and Day 6 in both of them I found its the script error! What to do next. I think I’ve tried all the possible ways

As you can see here the errors are with type, value and event properties.

Is there anything should I do for this?

This is my public workspace

For day 6, where do you have the baseURL set?

I can see it set on the request, but I can’t see the variable set as a collection variable when I fork the collection.

For the “Tests added correctly”. I can only suggest re-reading the instructions.

Add a scenario: Find the following requests in the The Good Bank APIs collection, and duplicate them over to the New user workflow folder.

  • POST User Login

  • GET Account summary

  • GET User Logout

  • GET Account summary 2 (A duplicate of the Account summary request)

Looking at your collection, you are missing the fourth request.

As for day 4. You’ve added the authorization in the wrong place. Read the test and documentation then consider where it should actually be.

Add collection-level auth: Since all of the requests in this collection require the same authorization method, let’s add a collection-level authorization helper. For each of these three requests, delete the added header, delete the params, and update the Auth type to Inherit auth from parent. The parent of this request is the folder or collection that contains these requests. Select the collection Authorization, and add the API key auth helper under the Authorization tab like you did in the previous step.

Most of the time, these issues are able to be resolved by carefully going back over the instructions. Which is going to be really important when you get to day 9.

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Thanks @michaelderekjones . I didn’t notice few things and I refused to revisit the documentation and keep on trying the same thing, Now I got the badge, The mistakes I’ve made are

  • Day 4 - The parent of this request is the folder or collection that contains these requests.
    Confused by folder or collection, didn’t notice the
    Select the collection Authorization in the documentation

  • Day 6 - baseUrl is set as variable but I set it as Environment variable and 4th request name confused by this test
    let secondRequest = newFlowFolder.item.find(req => { return req.name === "Account summary" | req.name === "Account summary Copy"})
    didn’t notice the second test
    let fourthRequest = newFlowFolder.item.find(req => { return req.name === "Account summary 2"})

learnt the importance of the documentation.

I want to know what are the changes made when we pull the changes, for example in this change log like what is the previous version and changes made? #justasking
@danny-dainton made this change, Thanks to you also Danny! for helping in many of my doubts.